We are shaped by what we envision and what we do

Our team combines hard work, skill and passion in a finely mixed concoction that brews success.

Vivriti is the product of a vision to take India’s mid-market mainstream and the willingness to go the distance by challenging the status quo. Achieving this is no mean feat but our team thinks otherwise. While grit, determination and passion play key roles in this journey, our destination lies across the bridge of hardcore perseverance.

We share a common goal

Vivriti was started by a small, passionate team; each one of us fired up by the possibility of being able to challenge the status quo in our field. As we have grown, we’ve taken care to retain the inquisitiveness, energy and grit of the founding team.

We share a common goal, one which is inspiring and challenging. We love questioning, brainstorming and ideating to discover new paths to get there. We are completely convinced that our work will help realise a financially dynamic India.

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Things we value in our people
Every professional needs skill to be able to do the work they are given responsibility for. Apart from that, Vivriti looks for certain human qualities that enable organizations like ours to outperform the norm.



For us, working at Vivriti is more than a job. We are driven by our desire to make a positive change, and enable thousands of enterprises to grow by gaining access to capital markets.



We place our clients at the centre of our efforts to access a high-quality market and provide the right risk-adjusted returns.



We believe in the power of the collective. We work together as a team in an atmosphere that allows everyone to express an opinion and be heard.


Work Ethic

We strive to bring a high level of rigour to our work every day, to ensure that our colleagues and stakeholders can depend on us.



We foster trust through openness. We take pride in being open and candid about the what, why and how of our business.


Honesty & Integrity

We place ethics on the highest pedestal when it comes to our team. Standing up to what we think is right, is a way of life here. Further, there is no alternative to accepting mistakes and owning up to them.

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