Invest for Impact

Achieving purpose that goes beyond the mission

Our experience has shown us that transformative impact can emerge by directing financial services towards an undiscovered customer segment. That is why Vivriti’s core segment focuses towards underrated Performing Credit ensure that finance is directed towards specific social good, positive environmental impact as well as enabling higher standards of governance.


Impact in Numbers



Total number of lives impacted



Number of micro-entrepreneurs assisted by our portfolio companies



Number of small and medium businesses financed



Number of rural mobility solutions financed



Of the above, share of female lives



share of loans from our portfolio companies in backward states of India

How Vivriti seeks to make the money matter

Providing better access to finance helps build infrastructure for future generations

Vivriti’s loans to micro, small and mid-sized entrepreneurs

  • Supports their mobility and smoothens working capital
  • Helps build educational facilities
  • Enables the construction of agricultural warehouses in far flung locations
  • Aids development of greenfield renewable energy projects to meet India’s green mission
  • Assists with the outreach and adoption of digital infrastructure
Transforming governance through Capital Markets

Vivriti’s work has and will bring multiple businesses to capital markets for the first time. Capital markets can alter the course and destiny of a business. These are powerful incentives for entrepreneurs to meet the governance standards that capital markets require – better auditors, improved disclosures, higher transparency, as well as strengthening the capital structure.

Enabling positive outcomes through directed finance

Vivriti has the ability to construct portfolios that direct finance towards specific impact areas, illustratively

  • Investment in healthcare facilities, diagnostics and distribution of medicines
  • Gender empowerment for businesses that are run by women and support women
  • Sanitation in villages and slums to enable better hygiene and health
  • Affordable housing for the betterment of low income households

Making Impact Happen

Investing in a better future

Vivriti’s investments contribute to India’s growth story through alignment and commitment to these SDGs


Helping end poverty in all its forms by improving last-mile access to finance.

Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being through increased healthcare access.

Achieving gender equality and empowering women through financial independence.

Building sustainable infra for management of water and sanitation.

Building affordable, reliable and sustainable sources of energy.

Building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation.

Reducing inequalities through efficient allocation of capital.

Promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Promoting environment-friendly practices to combat climate change and its impacts.

Fund-wise SDGs targeted

Fund name


No Poverty


Good Health & Well-being


Gender Equality


Clean water & Sanitation


Affordable & Clean energy


Decent work & Economic growth


Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure


Reduced Inequalities


Responsible consumption & production


Climate Action

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