Responsibility comes with Trust

When the stakes are high, the standards are even higher. As we build a world-class performing credit market in India, our governance standards go a long way in developing trust and confidence among all stakeholders.

Independent Oversight

A group of independent Chairman, Director, and Member of the Investment Committee ensure the protection of the clients’ interests. They bring in a non-partisan perspective to decision-making, especially in a potential conflict of interest. Their guidance and stewardship ensure responsible execution of our mission.


Narayan Ramachandran

Independent Chair on the board


Independent Chair on the board


Namrata Kaul

Independent Director on the board

Namrata Kaul

Independent Director on the board


Kalpesh Gada

Independent Member of the Investment Committee

Kalpesh Gada

Independent Member of the Investment Committee

Conflict of interest management

We ensure that the conduct of each transaction with a group company or a related party is guided by specific, Board-approved policies. It is also reviewed periodically by independent members. While we benefit from the group’s linkages and scale, the decision-making is entirely separate.

Our credibility and reputation stand on a foundation of trust and transparency. We keep our clients informed of all conflicts of interest that may arise.

Whistle Blowing and Vigil Mechanism

An open-door culture backs our whistleblower policy. The staff and stakeholders can fearlessly ‘speak up’ against any wrongdoing, illegal activities, or malpractices in the organization.

We strive to minimize the response time between an alarm and our action to address it. We are committed to creating a safe space for staff and concrete accountability within the organization.


Partners that help us stay
true to our objective

VAM is registered with SEBI as a Category II Alternative Investment Fund Manager and complies with the AIF Regulations, SEBI circulars, and the directions issued by SEBI, from time to time, and other Applicable Laws in relation to operations and reporting by AIFs.